Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical was founded in 2011. After twenty-five (25) long extensive years of Research and Development, Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical has successfully developed alternative herbal (botanical) products which minimize "side-effects" on the body while creating an overall-health to the patient. Please click Breakthrough Therapy Designation. The priority of Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical is to increase a healthy and productive life for those suffering from Serious or Life-threatening ​conditions, Alzheimer's Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Autoimmune Disorders, Obesity, Cancer, Constipation, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Debilitating Chronic Pain, Hemostasis (less blood to be lost), Hypertension, Menopause, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, Thalassemia, Viral Illnesses, and etc...... This soft approach has led to the development of effective Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical herbal (botanical) products that have helped give a safe and effective use for many patients while efficiently improving the condition without harmful "side-effects" leading to a healthier patient.

​Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical continues its research to further develop other herbal (botanical) products to try and help persons/patients with other incurable diseases.


​                                                                            ​Breaking News About "JointRelief" 

​I have given one of Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical products named JointRelief to my patients and have found that JointRelief product provides superior relief and supersedes other painkiller medications without the harmful side-effects or addictive effects of similar products such as narcotics and opioids.

Dr. Dwight James


Professor Dr. Albert M. Hutapea, PhD, MPH, AIFM, AIFO

Universitas Advent Indonesia

​JI. Kolonel Masturi 288

Parongpong, Bandung 40559  *  Indonesia

​Telephone No.: +62-81-22046741


​I have had the fortunate privilege of observing amazing results among individuals who took the natural health products of Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical throughout their course of treatment, having taken those Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical formulations, these patients who suffered varying degrees of medical conditions without favorable prognosis, have shown remarkable evidence of health restoration and improvement in their quality of life that conventional medical treatment had been unable to produce. In addition, the known side-effects of conventional medications have not been reported by these patients after taking these formulations. I have observed convincing results from the long term use of Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical formulations. These results show outstanding positive physiological responses and even enhancement of overall health when just as dietary supplement. I hope that these formulations will soon be available for those who suffer from Life-threatening medical conditions as well as those desire to increase the quality of their health.

Dr. Albert Hutapea


The herbal (botanical) products developed by Golden Sunrise Pharmaceutical are now being Recommended and Prescribed for patients by the following medical Physicians:

Dwight James, M.D.            

​876 West Grand Avenue  *  Porterville, CA 93257

​Michael S. Barnett, M.D., Psychiatrist

​814 W. Center Avenue, Suite G  *  ​Visalia, CA 93291

​​​Ronald P. Marmolejo, D.P.M.

​515 West Morton  *  Porterville, CA 93257